Filter Test Equipment

The range of filter test equipment we can offer is extensive, Aerosol Photmeters, Particle Counters, Aerosol Generators, Scanning probes and more. We probably have what you are looking for when it comes to integrity testing of filters in final installation according to ISO 14644-3 or Filter Manufacturing.

2i Digital Photometer

The most advanced, innovative and user friendly digital aerosol photometer available today, the ATI 2i is portable, yet rugged, and the ideal instrument for in-situ filtration system integrity testing. Utilizing the iProbe provides full functionality away from the base unit, minimizing downtime and maximizing efforts in the field. The 2i is also available with a sealed sample train for use in nuclear and other hazardous environments.

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Scan Air Pro

Smart Upstream Sampling and Downstream Filter Scanning System

The Lighthouse ScanAir Pro System is a particle counter based HEPA/ULPA filter scanning system. It is the only easy and lightweight method for testing and scanning PTFE, fiberglass and other filter media for leaks.

Incorporating an ergonomic lightweight-scanning probe with touchscreen user interface, the ScanAir Pro System also includes a SOLAIR portable particle counter and a dual-port diluter that can be remotely switched between measurements from the touch screen handle.

The ScanAir Pro System allows you to take an upstream and downstream measurement that displays real time percent leak information on the integrated touch screen display.

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Aerosol Generators

We offer a wide range of aerosol generators to output concentrations to perform leak tests on smaller clean air cabinets through cleanroom air handling systems. The generators offered ranges from thermal generators for high concentrations of aerosol to cold aerosol generators like the laskin nozzle version.

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