Wireless Environmental Monitoring Systems

Our wireless environmental monitoring systems are built to be flexible to suit various budgets and cater to unique and common applications. Easy to install, reliable and durable, the Hanwell and IceSpy monitoring systems provide a long-term solution to immediate alarm notification via email, SMS or phone. Via PC, network or the cloud, you can achieve immediate access to real-time and historical data that is critical to users during spontaneous audits and in meeting the strict legislative requirements imposed on many sectors. Incorporating over 100 years of expertise in environmental monitoring instrumentation, our wireless systems offer customers a comprehensive and premium solution to monitoring at an affordable price.

If it’s worth monitoring, it’s worth monitoring well

Specialised and highly accurate monitoring equipment designed for multiple parameters in tough monitoring conditions. Monitor humidity, temperature, CO2, differential pressure, Insect Pests and more. Ideal for heritage and pharmaceutical sectors.

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Affordable wireless monitoring without compromise

Accurate, flexible and affordable monitoring for multiple parameters including temperature, humidity, air flow, door events and more.

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Simply temperature

Plug and play temperature monitoring for up to 30 sensors. Ideal for retail environments.

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